Q: Are you factory?

A: Yes, we are a factory, and we have specialized in ultrasonic equipment for many years, welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Could you customized the machine based on our requirement?

A: Yes, we can. The mould could be customized based on your samples, the voltage can be 110V or 220V, the plug can be replaced with yours before shipment.

Q: What do I need to provide to get the right welding scheme and price?

A: Please provide the material, size of your product and your welding requirements, such as waterproof, tight air, etc.   You’d better provide product 3D drawings , and we can help to check if the drawings need to be changed. So that the plastic product design could meet the requirements of ultrasonic welding technology.

Q: When can the goods be delivered after payment?

A: Normally it will takes 3-15 days, depends on your product and the order urgency.

Q: What do you need to customized the mould?

A: Normally we need 3D drawings of your products and samples, if no 3D drawings, 10 samples is best for us. If your product supplier is in China, you can ask them send samples to us directly.

Q: How long does it take to make a mould?

A: After receipt the 3D drawings and samples, the mould ready date is 3-5 days

Q: Except the machine, what else do I need?

A: You still need an air compressor, you can buy it from local market, 50-60Psi for one welder to seal slab cases.

Q: Could you provide any help about the machine operation?

A: Yes, after receipt the machine, we will send you a video guide about how to use the machine.

Q: If the machine has any problem, how about your after-service?

A: We will set all parameters well before shipping, but there perhaps will be some items loose or parameter change during transportation. We will send video guideline instruction to you about how to adjust it, we can also have video calls.

Q: How can we proceed an order?

A: After receiving the appropriate quotation from us, we can collect the deposit according to your project, after reviewing the perfect welding effect, please arrange balance payment before shipping