15KHZ High-end Ultrasonic Plastic Welder for Welding Electronic Products

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We are a professional manufacturer of good quality high-end ultrasonic welder;

Remote control;

Automatic frequency tracking system

Remote fault removal

Automatic abnormal alarm prompt

Welding process monitoring

Remote program update and upgrade

External bar code gun, tracking the quality of each product

Six welding modes, three triggering modes to be chosen

Model: MY-GDB1520-S/MY-GDB1530-S/MY-GDB1540-S/Y-GDB1540-S

Frequency: 15k

Power: 2000w/3000w/4000w/5000w

Voltage: 110V/220V

Mould: can be customized by your products

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Model MY-GDB1520-S MY-GDB1530-S Y-GDB1540-S Y-GDB1540-S
Frequency 15k 15k 15k 15k
Power 2000w 3000w 4000w 5000w
Voltage 110v/220v 110v/220v 110v/220v 110v/220v
Welding time 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s 0.01-9.99s
Net Weight 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Machine Size 720*410*1280mm 720*410*1280mm 720*410*1280mm 720*410*1280mm
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Driven Type Pneumatic(air Pipe diameter 8mm) Pneumatic(air Pipe diameter 8mm) Pneumatic(air Pipe diameter 8mm) Pneumatic(air Pipe diameter 8mm)


Here are the features of the high-end ultrasonic welder, we will offer you the most suitable ultrasonic solution according to your welding requirements.

1. Japan (IKO) precision cross guide, Germany import (FESTO) operating components and control system.

2. Equipped with the highest quality requirements of the ultrasonic welding system,the inlet transducer, strong energy, titanium alloy amplitude modulator, rugged and durable.

3. The square column greatly improves the overall rigidity and motion accuracy,  and keeps it stable and firm without backsliding in the running state

4. Precise fine-tuning positioning device, the control accuracy can reach 0.02MM.

5. Equipped with six welding modes(time, energy, power and absolute depth, relative depth welding mode) to choose from, three trigger modes, automatic frequency scanning and tracking locking system, stable welding and high precision:  

6. Frequency automatic scanning and tracking locking system, power output

7. The output and time control are higher to ensure that the equipment welding various products

8. with different requirements can run stably. Welding records can be inquired

9. It is convenient for data analysis and management of the welding situation of plastic parts.

10. Internal welding parameters are saved, setting and modification authority protection function

11 . Intelligent control system, touch screen input, management password protection,can store multiple sets of welding parameters, user management means to be flexible

12.Adopting the latest overload protection system, it ensures the equipment runs safely at all times.

13.Step-less amplitude control, welding products without scald, stimulating, welds are firm and sealed: beautiful appearance without burrs.

14.Automatic film rewinding device and light screen protection device, sound box, safety box could be added on this machine


▲Remote control;

▲Automatic frequency tracking system

▲Remote fault removal

▲Automatic abnormal alarm prompt

▲Welding process monitoring

▲Remote program update and upgrade

▲External bar code gun, tracking the quality of each product

▲Six welding modes, three triggering modes to be chosen

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Q: Could you customized the machine based on our requirement?

A: Yes, we can. The mould could be customized based on your samples, the voltage can be 110V or 220V, the plug can be replaced with yours before shipment.

Q: What do I need to provide to get the right welding scheme and price?

A: Please provide the material, size of your product and your welding requirements, such as waterproof, tight air, etc.   You'd better provide product 3D drawings , and we can help to check if the drawings need to be changed. So that the plastic product design could meet the requirements of ultrasonic welding technology.

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